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Seven Things the Movies Forgot About Hermione


In the original books, Hermione was a clever, kick-ass character made highly relatable by her imperfections. The movies erased most of her flaws, making her a better ‘role model for girls’, but a far less interesting person: a typical weakly written strong woman.

So here are a…



Just wanna take a moment to give a shout-out to Ron Weasley, who was portrayed in DH2 as a automaton when Harry was saying he was going to give himself up to Voldemort. Because if that scene had been in the books, I can guarantee Hermione would NOT have been the only one to vocalize “I’ll go with you”. Ron was Harry’s best friend, but Harry was also Ron’s, and Ron would not have been quietly complacent in Harry’s sacrifice.

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Despite her having her mother’s talent in writing and her father’s skill in politics, Molly II  wanted her own adventure and became an unspeakable
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Rose learned how to play the piano from her father. Ron never told her who had taught him.
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Being the oldest three of the Wotter kids, Teddy, Victoire and Molly II had a rough time trying to be what others thought they should be, but they always had the support of one another
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The holidays were the most important time for the Wotter kids. All of them together at the same time brought nothing but good times
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Rose & Hugo both took divination. Rose cause she knew her mother would hate it and Hugo because it was an easy “O” grade.
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James ii never took a single relationship of his seriously and regretted them all once they were over….That is until he met his match
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Unlike Albus, Rose hardly ever revised her work and always put it off till the last minute. Thank Godric she had her friends to help.
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Dominique adored her Aunt Gabrielle, she knew what it was like to constantly be compared to someone