i will be
rising from
the ground
like a
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Lucy had the brightest smile, it could cheer up anyone.Rose and Hugo’s grandparents loved seeing her.
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Albus can always bring out the best in Scorpius, and vice versa
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Lysander fell for Roxanne at first sight. It took forever for Roxanne accept her feeling towards Lysander. Their relationship was everyone’s favorite love story. 
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Being the first Wotter kid can be stressful for Victoire but she knew how to let her hair down every time she could.
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Louis was mistaken as a girl though out his childhood. His veela roots didn’t help at all.
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Photography is Lily Luna’s one thing that no one could take from her.
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Fred Jr. was all about family and loved hanging with his mum’s side. Fred Jr. could fit in anywhere
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Trying to keep up with his cool personality, Albus was never seen studying but always aced his exams


I don’t care that JRK changed her mind

I don’t care that Harmione shippers are dancing the conga and that Romione shippers feel betrayed

I care that, once again, poor Ron gets the bloody short end of the stick.

He spent six and a half books/seven movies feeling he was second best at everything and finally shines and proves himself, ends up with the girl and the respect he deserves only to be told years later that it is mistake….


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McGonagall retired after Fred Jr., James ii, and Colin’s first year. She could not fathom the thought of dealing with them for six more years but she did care for them.